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Our Community 

"SFA's experiences extend beyond the realms of just ‘sustainability’ into truly helping their member communities grow, stay inspired, and build businesses that make a difference and last." 

-Joanne, Founder of Alamere Designs 

"Sustainable Fashion alliance has been successfully weaving the design and producer community into a tighter community tapestry— we are so grateful to them!"

- Rebecca Burgess, Founder of Fibershed


Margo Lyons, Coyuchi

Margot Lyons

Jad Finck

Linda Balti & Christoph Frehsee


Joyce Hu

Meredith Ragno

Matt Reynolds

Kyle Parsons

Myrrhia Resneck

Andrea Pell 

Marissa Thieriot

Liza Moiseeva

Cassidy Hope Wright & Cory Gunter Brown 

Anna Lecat & Allison Benn

Rebecca Burgess

Michelle Sheppard

Rachel Faller

Daniela Degrassi 

Elizabeth Goodwin Welborn

Theresa Lee

Angela Clark

Rachel Fischbein

Sally Fox

Lauren Baird

Vera Claire

Monica Rojas 

Shamini Dhana

Jhana Cayton

Claire Hau

Ayesha Barenblat

Mary Colvig

Jenny Fong

Megan Stoneburner

Elaine Hamblin

Smita Paul

Valerie Bowers-Coombs

Mira Sholan

Lydia Wendt

Elizabeth Brunner

Aline Dazogbo

Aline's Closet 

Cairn Wu

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