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Jackie Lutze: Timeless Vegan Womenswear

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Jackie Lutze was on the hunt for a sustainable blazer that was also vegan. When she couldn't find what she was looking for she decided to create it herself. She found an ethical manufacturing facility (that is also women-owned) in San Francisco and began developing an all vegan + sustainable line of workwear and timeless wardrobe essentials.

What inspired you to become a designer? I have always loved fashion but ultimately dedicated to get into it because I felt the options for ethical, sustainable AND cruelty-free high-quality clothing just wasn't there.  I was working in a corporate job at the time and couldn't find classic pieces that were work appropriate but also followed my ethics.  I felt it was my duty to help change the industry.   What were you doing before you started a fashion brand? I was working and actually continue to work in digital media, with a specialty in social media marketing.   When did you become a vegan and why? I have been vegan for over 10 years now.  I have always considered myself an animal lover and once I learned about the cruelty in the food, cosmetics and fashion industry I knew that veganism was how I wanted to live my life from now on.  I believe in kindness to all, people, planet and animals.  

What does Jackie Lutze bring to the vegan fashion market? We bring high-quality, tailored pieces that you honestly cannot find anywhere else at this point.  In the sustainable fashion space all blazers are made with wool, silk and/or cashmere.  The same with blouses and other wardrobe staples.  And in fast fashion you can find vegan pieces but they are made of polyester.  We are 100% plant-based and are proud to be able to offer people a cruelty-free option.   In addition to being cruelty free, what are other sustainable standards you design to when creating your collection? We are committed to using plant-based & organic materials and also use ethical production, sustainably sourced materials and plastic free shipping.  We want consumers to truly feel good about wearing our clothing.  What’s your favorite textile to work with? While most of our collection uses hemp or linen for their high-quality and structure, I am really loving the tencel options that are coming out.  Tencel is extremely eco-friendly and has many different applications.  

Who do you design clothing for? I want to dress the women who are out there changing the world.  The women who are environmentalists, feminists, lead non-profits, are building purpose driven businesses. I want them to look amazing & stylish while they do it.  Now they can know their clothes make a difference, too. You produce your collection in San Francisco. Why did you choose to produce domestically? We felt that the best way for us to monitor the quality and ethical standards that were important to us was by using company close to us.  We also wanted to support jobs and businesses in the US as well.   Where can we find your products? On our website: What advice would you give to designers starting out?

Just keep moving.  It look me a few years to launch the brand.  I was working full-time and couldn't afford to lay it all out up front.  So I worked for years and paid for development, fabrics, etc as I could afford.  It was a long, hard road but I am so glad that I didn't give up.  I just focused on why I wanted to launch this brand and reminding myself of that kept me trucking along every day.  

Images courtesy of Jackie Lutze

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