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How to Get Press and Influencers

Fashion is one of the most competitive industries. So how do you stand out amongst the crowd without diluting your brand's ethos and maintaining credibility?

The Sustainable Fashion Alliance presented their first PR Panel: "How to Get Press and Influencers", on March 6, 2018 at ECOSYSTM workspace in collab with Rogueline.

Moderated by Sustainable Fashion Alliance Cofounder, Andrea Plell, the panel discussion provided insight from journalists, editors and influencers, as well as DIY tips from companies who have successfully taken media outreach into their own hands. Panelists included Laura Compton, the Style Editor at San Francisco Chronicle; Robyn Hagan Cain, the Editor of Rockyt and former Racked Editor; Chrissie Lam, Founder of the Love Is Project; and Julia O Test, an Influencer and Social Media Marketing Specialist at Julia O Test Creative.

See the live stream here.


Laura Compton - Style Editor at San Francisco Chronicle

Laura has worked as an editor and writer for various incarnations of the award-winning Sunday Style section since 2009, and has headed the section since 2013. She assigns and edits in-depth coverage of the Bay Area’s lifestyle leaders, creative tastemakers and bold personalities; oversees complementary online and social media strategies; and produces on-location fashion shoots. In her many lives at The Chronicle, she has also worked on the Food, Datebook and Living sections, and as senior editor of the Chronicle Magazine. Laura was also an early blogger at SFGate and co-founder of The Chronicle’s style blog, SF Unzipped, and has twice covered New York Fashion Week.

Robyn Hagan Cain - Editor of Rockyt and former Racked Editor

Robyn is the editor of Rockyt, a website covering fashion, beauty, and fitness in San Francisco. Prior to launching Rockyt, Robyn ran editorial at video-shopping startup Joyus, served as the San Francisco editor for Vox Media’s Racked, and managed a blogging team at Thomson Reuters. She has also covered San Francisco’s fashion and lifestyle scene for San Francisco magazine, The Nob Hill Gazette, and BizBash. When she’s not writing, Robyn is either consulting clients on content strategy or hanging around a gym. She lives with her dog and husband in the Upper Haight.

Chrissie Lam - Founder of the Love Is Project

Chrissie worked in the fashion industry for 12 years, trend forecasting for multi-billion dollar brands. After leaving corporate fashion, she’s dedicated the past six years to broadening her understanding of international development and philanthropy in Africa, Asia & the Americas. She has worked with talented artisan groups around the world. The Supply Change connects artisan groups to brands and creates concepts and products for collaborations. Merging her passions for design and international development while using her skills and network allowed her to forge a career path from fashion towards philanthropy. The #LOVEISPROJECT’S mission is to help women around the world embrace ambition through the power of love. To date, the LIP’s “Pay It Forward” model has impacted over 300 women artisans and their families in Kenya, Indonesia, Ecuador, Bhutan and India. areas of the world where women often struggle with marginalization, disempowerment, and lack of education. Through the production and sale of LOVE bracelets, the artisans are provided with steady employment, fair wages, educational opportunities, and benefits like healthcare and paid vacation. The Love Is Project, now a lifestyle brand, is carried at stockists around the world including American Eagle Outfitters (UK and US), Whole Foods, and Colette in Paris.

Julia O Test - Influencer and Social Media Marketing Specialist at Julia O Test Creative

Julia is a creative based in San Francisco, California. She quit her tech job to pursue her passion full-time, and loves running her own business, Julia O Test Photo. Obsessed with boba tea, clean eating, and taking photos of everything, she lives with her husband and their cat in quiet Glen Park. Julia approaches social media marketing from both sides: she works with brands and bloggers to elevate their content and grow their audience, as well as being an influencer herself in the lifestyle categories of food, beauty, fitness, travel, and fashion. This gives her a unique perspective in the industry: a window into the needs of both brands and bloggers, and an understanding of how everyone can effectively work together for the best results.



Andrea Plell - Founder of Ecologique Fashion and cofounder of Sustainable Fashion Alliance

Andrea is a writer, ethical fashion consultant and self proclaimed eco warrior. Passionate about supporting a paradigm shift in the way we make and consume clothing, Andrea has written about sustainable innovation for over a decade and has produced countless events to promote transparency in the fashion industry. She offers public relations and event planning to ethical fashion brands through her company Ecologique Fashion. She is also the co-founder of the Sustainable Fashion Alliance and the West Coast Regional Director for Fashion Revolution.

-- ABOUT OUR EVENT PARNTER: ROGUELINE-- Founded by Vishal Kalia, Rogueline is a digital platform that connects the fashion industry with curated and vetted freelancers that understand fashion, so you can focus on what you love.

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