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FALL 2020

Online Growth Marketing Strategy on a Budget

Post-covid reality makes online marketing essential to every brand’s survival and growth. What are the best strategies to reach your target audience?


Learn from an industry pro in this 2 hour session 


Presented by Liza Moiseeva, founder of Scaling Good, a resource for ethical business founders and entrepreneurs looking to get an edge on their marketing and sales. Her goal is to help you grow your business and social impact. 


Previously, Liza co-founded GlobeIn where she grew the company to the leading social enterprise subscription box company with $12 million in revenue in the first 6 years. She recently moved on to co-found Brightly, which won a coveted spot as an investee of SnapChat’s incubator, Yellow.  


This customized session will offer best practices and allow time for individual questions. (There will be a max of 4 brands per session and each brand will have the opportunity to submit questions before the session).


Topics covered (not exhaustive) - including individual questions 

  • Email acquisition 

  • Online brand building strategies 

  • Organic growth 

  • Affiliate marketing 

  • Community growth 

  • Website and email conversion 

  • Online advertising 


TBD date in October. 

Member price: $250 per person 

Non-member price: $300 

You will be joined with a group of 4 people per session. 

*This is a SFA partner rate - regular rate for one-on-one is $300+/ hour

The Dominant-Culture and You: Exploration of White Supremacy Ideologies in Your Business and Workplace Culture

The deeply rooted legacy of colonialism and racism has created an unequal playing field in all aspects of consumer product and service industries, from the supply chain to company culture to consumer marketing. The Black Lives Matter movement and subsequent social awakenings have enlivened the national consciousness to systemic racism plaguing our country and the global capitalist system. In fashion, groups like Remake and Black Fashion Council are laying the groundwork for a more equitable system in which we all share responsibility and accountability to promote values of sustainability and inclusion. Each of us has to be the change to make the change. 


This session will critically examine the embedded structures of bias, race and privilege at play in your organization, and provide actionable steps to dismantle these inequities.


This 90 minute virtual experiential workshop will be designed and facilitated by Bahiyyah Walker, Principal Consultant, AHKIRAH Legal and Diversity Consultants.


With her previous professions as magistrate judge and in academia, Bahiyyah’s consultancy examines and developes specific legal, cultural and equity-based frameworks to support diversity advocacy within any organization. Her highly customized, participant-driven experiential workshops are designed to challenge, re-evaluate and reclaim structures and ideologies essential to personal truth and healing. Her clients include Capital One, Junior League, YMCA, Under Armour. 



11:30am PST 

Member Price: $250 per person

Non-member price: $300 per person 

You will be joined with a group of 15 people per session. 

*This is a SFA partner rate - regular group workshop rate is $500+/ person

Resilience Tools for Stress Management and Effectiveness

Post-Covid times has created a compounded effect on our day-to-day life management, throwing ourselves and our routines out of balance. This 90 minute workshop will give you proven coping techniques and ways to structure your work day that are grounded in tuning into your body’s natural rhythm. With a limit of 4 people per session, there will be an opportunity for individual spot coaching (with an intake survey beforehand). This session will be led by Kelley Black, an executive coach who is dedicated to helping leaders achieve work/life balance through soft skills including EQ, intuition, leadership communications, heart-centered leadership, and mindfulness. 


KELLEY’S PROPRIETARY COACHING METHODOLOGY IS RECOMMENDED BY HARVARD MBA AND CENTER FOR EXECUTIVE COACHING FOUNDER, ANDREW NEITLICH: “Kelley has managed to do what few executive coaches and advisers do: She has fused best practices in management and leadership with a powerful system to help executives win the inner game by being more relaxed, tapping into peak performance, and overcoming overwhelm in chaotic times. Many experts get fluffy when they enter this territory, but not Kelley. She has developed a system that works with executives in some of the largest, most complex, and most dynamic companies in the world. If you want a comprehensive system to better performance and coping with the challenges of your leadership role, Kelley is the best person to contact.”

TBD date in October. 

Member Price: $150 per person

Non-member price: $200

You will be joined with a group of 4 people per session. 

*This is a SFA partner rate - regular rate for one-on-one is $375+/ hour

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