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About Us

Sustainable Fashion Alliance is an online platform and community for sustainable entrepreneurs and creatives.

Founded to create impactful momentum in the industry, we empower sustainable fashion professionals with resources, shared opportunities, strategy sessions and creative avenues to market. We believe in igniting change through collective action.

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Our Partners



Joyce Hu,

Co-Founder & President

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Joyce Hu is the Marketing Communications Director for Wildlife Works, a conservation company mitigating climate change that operates a carbon neutral, fair trade factory in Kenya. She co-founded the Sustainable Fashion Alliance  a member-based group of fashion professionals committed to ethical fashion. Other ventures include Marlin Ray, sustainable surf accessories line now under new management and soon to launch fashion ecosystem dialog platform.


Andrea Olmsted

Co-Founder & Advisor

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Andrea Olmsted is a journalist and sustainable fashion consultant. She is the granddaughter of immigrants who arrived in San Francisco in the 1960s and took up work in a local apparel factory. A reverence towards garment workers and textile artists runs deep within her blood. In 2008 she started Ecologique Fashion, a sustainable consulting agency, to provide ethical brands with PR services. She is the former West Coast Regional Coordinator for Fashion Revolution

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