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Diversifying the Culture of Sustainable Fashion

What a powerful conversation. We got deep and we got vulnerable. The breadth and depth of content was vast, thought-provoking, inspiring and activating. Just some of the topics we covered included white saviorism, anti-blackness, cultural appropriation and cultural sustainability. Watch our conversation to get the real impact and value from our discussion. WATCH or LISTEN to our conversation now. We landed on these big take aways:

  • There is no such thing as "doing equity right" because it's an ongoing process. If brands are actively and constantly progressing with action that is rooted in true dialog and equal partnership with BIPOC colleagues and partners, they are putting in the work, the work we all need to do.

  • If you're not feeling uncomfortable, you're not putting in the work. For White and non Black POC communities, if you find yourself feeling defensive, or defending "color blindness" there is more introspection to be done.

  • Community is the new allyship. This means engaging with BIPOC colleagues and partners in a meaningful way that creates true community and partnership in order to have authenticity and systemic change to any equity work.

We covered a lot of ground but there is still so much to talk about. Let's continue the conversation. Meanwhile, continue following our panelists:

Thank you for those who donated as your ticket price. We have donated your contribution directly to the Sahaita's Farmer Support Project. Learn more about the farmer strikes in India and beyond.

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